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This website is owned and operated by Bahrain Pharma for the general information. By accessing the website, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use of BP website. The information we have provided about the products, formulation technology and medical use of products are for general educational and informational purposes only and are not claimed as medical advice by Bahrain Pharma.

1. Use of Website.

The informatory material and images given on site are for your personal information and cannot be distributed, modified or reused for any personal or commercial purpose without any written permission from Bahrain Pharma. Bahrain Pharma official website is;


2. Limitations of liability

Bahrain Pharma does not provide any guarantee or warranty that the information provided on website are very accurate or up-to-date. Bahrain Pharma does not liable for any fraudulent, damage by misuse or by modification of information made available on site including but not limited to:

a. Any misunderstanding because of grammatical or typographical error leading to any damage or fraud;

b. Any damage resulting from imprecision or inaccuracy of information provided on site;

c. Any direct or indirect loss or damage by using the website or available information, technology, formulation process, products information or any other direct or indirect information provided on site.

3. Medical Advice

The information made available on Bahrain Pharma website are related to pharmaceutical products, Nutraceutical products, patient’s health and other general medical information. The material provided on website in written or visual forms are just information and cannot be replaced with medical advice/prescription by doctor, health professional or pharmacist. The information provided on site cannot be used for any diagnoses of any disease or for medical tests. In any case, Bahrain Pharma does not liable for any consequential loses or damage.

4. Links of other websites

Bahrain Pharma does not endorse and is not responsible for any content or any information provided by any third party through website link given on Bahrain Pharma website. Bahrain Pharma does not review the given links. The links are provided for information purposes without any liability of Bahrain Pharma.

5. Social Media

The information posted through the Corporate Accounts clarified below or through any social media or through external posts or posts by Bahrain Pharma employees do no indicate or express Bahrain Pharma official views. Bahrain Pharma Corporate Accounts are given below. Any other account which is not listed below is not officially owned by Bahrain Pharma.

  1. Facebook: official address of Bahrain Pharma Facebook is;


6. Exclusions

a. Bahrain Pharma reserves the right to update, delete, modify or replace the web contents or images.

b. Bahrain Pharma reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the website operation without prior notice.

c. Bahrain Pharma is not liable for any damage by computer virus or any computer hacking activity by opening or browsing the website.


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