Bahrain Pharma (BP) is located at Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP), Hidd-Kingdom of Bahrain. BP is a Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products manufacturing Company having multiple options of business including contract manufacturing and finished dosage forms for retail markets. Company offers a wide range of animal free Softcaps and Syrups.

Bahrain Pharma Veggie Softgel Capsules and Syrups Production facility has state of art intelligent production technology and advanced formulation processes. Bahrain Pharma production facility has been designed and built in compliance with international cGMP standards to manufacture best quality products. Bahrain Pharma has selected well reputed companies and highly qualified individuals for design, construction, installation, commissioning, validation, training, start-up, project management and plant operations for a complete animal free Veggie Softcaps & Syrup Manufacturing Plant. Bahrain Pharma has manufacturing capacity of 9 billions animal free Softcaps and 25 million bottles of syrups annually.

Veggie Softgel capsules are the main production from this facility. Our Veggie Softgel products have similar strengths and stability in comparison with animal gelatin capsules. At Bahrain Pharma Softgel plant, the Veggie Softgel capsules are manufactured by using the same equipment as standard gelatin Softgel but the most advantageous aspect is the drying free manufacturing process. Our manufacturing process consumes less time and less space as well and that's the reason behind our claim to product most cost effective Softgel products. We produce crystal clear Veggie Softgel capsule as standards but we are also producing colored Softgel capsules of customers choice. We can also supplying Veggie Softcaps in an array of different sizes and shapes exactly as per standard Softgel capsules

Softgel advantages:



  • Improve bioavailability of poorly water-soluble and poorly permeable compounds.
  • Containment strategy for the manufacturing of highly potent compounds.
  • Improve content uniformity of low dose compounds.
  • Tamper evident.
  • Counterfeiting prevention.
  • Suitable for liquid and semisolid APIs.
  • Easier to swallow.
  • Improved patient acceptance and preference.
  • Many shapes, sizes and colors for differentiation.


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