Veggie Softgel Formulations

Veggie Softgel manufacturers always face challenges not only for the developing new products but also running products when base oil or any ingredient replaced with any other compatible compound or chemical. any change in running product composition always challenging due to gel and excipients interactions or not achieving proper suspension. maintaining the raw material quality is another big challenge which requires comprehensive testing and control. Bahrain Pharma has very sophisticated R&D unit where we develop customized formulations with highest quality achievable in Veggie Softgel products. our dedicated R&D teams continuously working for development of new formulations and new techniques to improve the formulation and associated processes. with the availability and access to the high quality chemicals and other consumable substances made our R&D Unit a unique research center equipped with high-tech latest equipment and machinery equipped with most advance software. our R&D unit is equipped with climatic stability zones, best storage conditions and continuous security monitoring. Veggie Softgel product development not only requires proper analyst technique and familiarity in handling the particular compositions & combinations, another important aspect is understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of target markets. these are the key standards of Bahrain Pharma success in Veggie Softgel market. by offering the customizes solution for new product development, Bahrain Pharma is the destination for companies seeking for new products to developed.

In addition to R&D unit, Bahrain Pharma has dedicated quality control laboratory. our experienced staff is responsible for raw materials, Veggie Softgel in process and finish products analysis and provide effective and precise evaluation reports or analysis as a compulsory process of finished goods production. along with R&D services, Bahrain Pharma have excellent analytical services including stability testing for finished products, raw materials, in process materials and other Pharmaceutical or Nutraceutical materials.

Sterile Formulations

Pre-formulation and Formulation Development

Liquid and lyophilized formulations are developed in Bahrain Pharma R&D unit. Our experts at R&D unit primarily focus on solubility, stability of the molecule as parenteral formulation and many other interrelated parameters which are required to develop sterile formulations. after successful product development, the process are validates and transferred to concern department for prototype small scale production.

Sterile Liquid Formulation Development

In addition to the standard product development procedure, our expert conduct the stability tests of newly develop product. along with other complex mathematics, Arrhenius models are used predict drug formulation shelf life. other processes, compounding, complete process development, products filtration sterilization techniques, autoclave sterilization methods with defined standards and stability of finished product are the main process and procedures developed at R&D unit of Bahrain Pharma.

Lyophilized formulation development

the formulation development for Lyophilized products requires high level of skills and accuracy especially thermal stability related properties of the APIs and excipients. our experts use advance techniques of freeze drying microscopy and differential scanning colorimetric and other related technologies. for the development of Lyophilization cycle, Lyophilization excipients are carefully selected. Experts at Bahrain Pharma R&D unit optimize the Lyophilization cycle parameters, confirm the stability of Lyophilized compound and reconstituted solution. Finally, finished product stability is check under different conditions of temperature and humidity.


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