Grow with us

Pharmaceutical is one of the most productive, effective and most progressive industry in the world. Pharmaceutical as one of the most important industry for mankind will be there always as an expanding and growing industry. Human resource requirement in the pharmaceutical industry has always been alive and pharmaceutical sector is one of the most attractive among Pharmacists, chemist and scientists.

Bahrain Pharma as a manufacturer of medicine and dietary supplements from chemicals or natural compounds is always looking for well qualified, experienced, skillful and dynamic people to build up a strong team. Our aim is to cure the illness, ease the pain and to prevent the spread of diseases through effective medication and this is only possible when we will have a highly qualified and dedicated team at Bahrain Pharma. We believe that our collective experiences will allow us to understand the market, patients and health professionals medical needs for a healthier society. At the same time, along with our collective efforts and productive outcomes, we deeply analyze the individual’s efforts to pay the best rewards. Bahrain Pharma has a multicultural environment, despite our individual’s visible differences of working style, gender, ethnicity, nationality, physical appearance and age, our teams operate as a well-integrated, highly effective and efficient system.

We always welcome to apply to join the following teams at Bahrain Pharma:

1. Sales & Marketing

2. Inventory

3. warehousing

4. Production

a. Softgel Capsules

b. Syrups

C. Sterile formulations

5. Quality Control

6. Quality Assurance

7. Finance & Accounts

8. HR

9. Product Management

10. R & D

11. General Administration

12. Engineering & Maintenance

13. Regulatory & GMP compliance