Bahrain Pharma Veggie Softgel and Syrups manufacturing facility is a state of the art designed and equipped facility. We are offering a verity of capsules shapes and sizes for contract manufacturing. We are also offering different sizes and verity of products in liquid oral forms. Sterile Manufacturing facility is at design stage and will have production facility of sterile liquid filled vials, lyophilized vials, oral suspension powders, and injectable liquids could be offered as well as specific techniques such as sterile emulsion technology and pre-filled syringes.

Veggie Softgel Capsules

At Bahrain Pharma, production capacities for Veggie Softgel capsules are around 9 billion capsules per year. We have adopted customize approach for the contract manufacturing of Veggie Softgel capsules. we are open to manufacture Veggie Softgel capsules in variety of sizes and shapes as per customer requirement including 2 Oval, 3 Oval, 4 Oval, 5 Oval, 6 Oval, 7.5 Oval, 8.5 Oval, 10 Oval, 12 Oval, 16 Oval, 20 Oval, 3 Oblong, 4 Oblong, 5 Oblong, 6 Oblong, 8 Oblong, 9.5 Oblong, 11 Oblong, 12 Oblong, 14 Oblong 16 Oblong, 20 Oblong, 22 Oblong, 2 Round, 3 Round, 4 Round, 5 Round, 6 Round, 7 Round, 9 Round, 15 Round, 20 Round and we are also open to discuss other odd sizes if required by clients.

Our experts and manufacturing specialists are responsible to manufacture your products successfully by solving your complex solubility, stability and bioavailability formulation challenges, supporting your development efforts and helping ensure a successful launch of your Veggie Softgel products in any regulated market. our products manufacturing on contractual basis is ideal for not only Pharmaceutical products but also a wide variety of multivitamins, dietary supplements and other customized combinations of different Nutraceutical compounds. outstanding quality and compliance with CGMP standards, Bahrain Pharma can be an ideal partner for Veggie Softgel contract manufacturing.

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Bahrain Pharma Syrups production capacity is around 25 Million bottles per year. We offer a wide range and variety of liquid oral products in glass and plastic bottle of all sizes and in different colors. We have high quality manufacturing facility for syrups production. Our Syrup products are highly effecting, safe and produced in GMP environment.

Aseptic filling

Bahrain Pharma new facility for aseptic productions is at design phase and ground breaking is scheduled in October 2014. We will be offering soon for contract manufacturing of sterile formulations at Bahrain Pharma Injectable production facility. Our production facility will have a maintained operational Grade A (ISO Class 5) environment for sterile fillings in Vials, Cartridges, ampoules and prefilled syringes. All areas of our aseptic processing facility, including ancillary support areas are designed at FDA and EMEA standards and will meet the other highest regulatory standards. our facility is designed in such a way that viable airborne contamination, viable contamination on surfaces and non-viable airborne contamination will be minimum and within the allowed limits.

We will be offering following dosage forms for contract manufacturing upon successful completion of our Injectable Plant.

Sterile Liquid Injectable: Our contract manufacturing production capacity will include, Aseptic fill on a state-of-the-art fill & finish crimp-cap line, capable of aseptic filling 1-20 ml vials and 3-5 ml cartridges with extremely low dead volume. We will also be able to fill Ampoule under a septic conditions with sizes range from 1-20 ml. In addition, we are our facility will have Lyophilization capabilities and anticipate that we will also offer this service for contract manufacturing to our clients in the near future.

Aseptic Syringe Fill: We will have capability for filling 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 ml syringes. our production capacity is calculated around 48 million prefilled syringes per year. The production of sterile prefilled syringes will be with an aseptic filling machine that can handle various aqueous solutions and different syringe formats at a production of 10,000 units / hour.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Cost Savings: It is highly cost saving because companies do not need to spend for a facility design, construction, equipment purchasing, installation and maintenance for production. saving on Labor cost, salaries, government fees and other indirect costs.

Mutual Benefits: The benefit for manufacturing companies is that they can utilize their space time which they cannot use because of any reason. every manufacturer know that the profitability will be high if machines are running at optimum level and for maximum time. companies who are manufacturing products from third party can focus on their other businesses which are their core areas.

Skills & knowledge: Companies can take advantage of skills and knowledge that they may not have but contract manufacturer possesses. The contract manufacturer is also benefited and get knowledge of raw materials, connection with suppliers etc.

Economies of Scale: Contract Manufacturers normally deal with number of customers at the same time for contract manufacturing in order to keep running their machinery for maximum period of time so they can offer very competitive costs in getting materials including packaging and raw materials.

Business Model

In normal practice and a common perception, a hiring company contact to contract manufacturer, ask for quotation and set a formula to deal with each other. contract manufacture usually calculate labor cost, machine depreciation, utilities costs and overheads for the quotation preparation. upon successful signing of agreement, contract manufacturer become like a "rented factory" which will not only produce, pack but also ship products for the hiring company. In actual practice, the pricing formula for contract manufacturing is not so simple, there are number of method for pricing for contract manufacturing.

  • Fixed materials pricing model
  • Component cost pricing model
  • Cost plus pricing model
  • Return on invested capital pricing model

Bahrain Pharma is open to discuss different pricing models with our valuable customers for contract manufacturing of Veggie Softgel and Syrup products.


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